Petitions and Surveys

Monthly Local 308 Steward Classes

Demand that Local 308 President Eric Dixon establish monthly steward classes, follow the local bylaws regarding stewards, list names of students with personal details redacted, head count for each class, online registration, on-demand video from the classes, establish a Steward committee.

We Want Contract Information Now!

Demand that Local 241 President Keith Hill and Local 308 President Eric Dixon share what they are proposing, discussing and doing with the CTA and OUR overdue Contract.

We want a FAIR CONTRACT with more Full-Time jobs, Hazard Pay, sanitary working conditions, lower health insurance and increase the CTA’s pension contribution!

We demand that OUR Contract be posted in ALL break-rooms where our members work (such as garages, shops, terminals and warehouses)!

$10,000 BBQ at Local 308 (CLOSED)

Poll about should Local 308 members boycott the BBQ with a protest about Contract issues; if you think it is a good idea or not and should such money be spent on organizing public actions.

Union Treasurer Candidate Credit Reports

Do you believe that candidates for union Treasurers should share their latest credit report?

Union Lawyer Hiring Process

Do you believe that lawyers who work for Local 241 or Local 308 must be approved and reviewed by the membership?

Merge Local 241 and Local 308

Do you like the idea of Local 241 and Local 308 merging as a single Local Union?

Warming Buses for Local 241 Bus Operators

Second Chance Workers Lives Matter!

These hard-working union members can no longer be treated unequally!

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December 2022 Unofficial ATU Chicago Satisfaction Survey (Expires January 31. 2023)