Reform The Union

Taking the union out of the hands of the few and putting it under control by the members will be a difficult process. This is known as Revolutionary Unionism—the opposite of Business Unionism.

This is another forum where we build solutions and prepare them to share with other members and the public. Any union workers at the CTA/Pace and supporters of Revolutionary Unionism are welcome to join. However, you must answer the questions to be admitted..

This is a public Page where sharable videos and news from our caucus are located.

In 2020, our first major step toward reformation was initiated: Local 308 By-Law proposals and revisions. This rather boring part of unions is a key component to making the union more member-oriented.

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We provide a comprehensive voter guide and candidate survey to help members make educated decisions as we attempt to replace Business Unionism with Revolutionary Unionism. Unless a volunteer steps up to resurrect this project, it has been mothballed.

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