Know Your Rights

Organized knowledge is power. Use these important documents in order to protect yourself and help coworkers to protect themselves.

This is a text-searchable version of the one available at the official Local 308 website. Nothing is different except that you can search specific terms.

This is an unofficial Text-Searchable version of the one available at the official Local 308 website. Nothing is different except that you can search specific terms with a PDF reader with this one.

Link for the Local 241 officer directory.

Read and learn more about the highly controversial Retirement Health Care Trust fund and our Pension. The website includes reports and other information.

See the policies for progressive discipline.

This most important law governs our unions. It contains the "Right to Strike" and other critical provisions that we should understand.

These bylaws are similar to the Local Union bylaws. They cover the International convention and International business. It is important to know these bylaws as they also fill in gaps not covered Locals.

This website contains important summaries of the Labor Management Rights Disclosure Act of 1959. Some important rights included are:

• The right to organize and hold meetings without permission of union officers,

• The right to criticize union officers.

• Equal rights and privileges to nominate candidates, vote and attend and participate in union meetings.

Link for the Local 308 officer directory.

This is linked directly to the Local 241 official website.

This 2-page document from the Illinois Public Labor Relations Board has explicit language that allows workers at the CTA and Pace to organize, engage in protected, concerted activity and more.

If your rights to organize are violated by an employer or union officer, file charges against them using the "Charge Against Employer" or "Charge Against Labor Organization" forms. These are also known as Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges.

RHCT and Pension
Court order about camera evidence

In 2016, a judge ruled that the CTA had to reinstate union Painters who were fired through the use of platform cameras at a rail station. The CTA must use handheld cameras for such evidence. 38 pages.

Court order about camera evidence

In 2001, CTA employees Patricia Garza, Winston Pierce, Larry Jackson and Stan Jenson were plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the CTA that won guarantees that all training time be paid to coworkers.

Important information to help navigate the complicated "Sick Book" process and dealing with the Sedgwick (now includes workplace injury claims). Click the here for instructions, then click here to file a claim online. You can also call (844) CTA-7038

Learn about your legal rights to protest in Illinois on this website by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Rights to protest in Illinois

View files that contain financial and administrative policies that have affected the members of Local 241 and Local 308. Also view our Scribd Archive for more documents related to our union and employer.

Downloadable and printable official Local 241 and Local 308 forms for grievances and complaints. Includes a chart of the grievance process.

Learn about every detail for the most important and best benefit workers have at the CTA. See quarterly reports at the Pension website.

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The Local 308 officers shared various documents on the union website and elsewhere to help any CTA union employees understand the sick leave policy and their rights. We have compiled them into one location for easy access.

A new online community to help coworkers understand and use the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) process easily and without being snared by CTA management or punished.

FMLA support group

Harassment of employees has become acceptable practice and must be condemned by the victims and our union leaders. This section has the tools to help.

If you were never enrolled as a member in ATU Local 241 or ATU Local 308, please print this form, fill it out and fax or deliver it to the Local 241 or Local 308 union office.

This form is for United States only

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